CoesterVMS offers clients an innovative appraisal management experience by leveraging a full time development staff to maintain and enhance its based Cloud Control System. The Salesforce platform provides Cloud Control the security and versatility to swiftly customize features while maintaining a stable environment.  See below for some of the key features:

AIR System

  • Immediate validation of key appraisal fields against order data
  • Automated checklist based on regulatory requirements and investor guidelines
  • Customizable client specific overlays
  • Certified Appraiser review of discrepancies
  • Process Driven Module for Underwriting and Appraisal Review Staff
  • Mapping feature shows subject property and comparables, as well as recent sales in the area
  •

Custom Integrations

  • Experienced integration development team
  • Customizable API's.
    REST, SOAP, and .Net Supported
  • Automatic Appraisal Field Mapping
  • Current and Upcoming Integrations with leading LOS and Service Provider Systems, including:
    • Encompass
    • RealEC
    • Mercury Network
  •

  • Awarded World's Most Innovative Company by Forbes Magazine 4 Years in a Row (2009-2012)
  • Custom business rules and user rights
  • SOC and PCI Compliant
  • 100% up time
  • XML extraction of all appraisal data stored
  • Fully scalable to any level

AIR System

Appraisal Intelligent Review, or AIR, employs appraiser based logic with Markov data models to automatically review all reports completed by CoesterVMS network appraisers. The two part process includes an initial validation of key fields on the report followed by nested analytics to ensure adherence to applicable FHA and GSE requirements as well as contextual review against other appraisals done by peers in the local market area.


  • Automated Rule Based Analysis of HUD and GSE guidelines
  • Process Based Review Module for Underwriting Staff
  • Condition Queue-Field Specific "Add to Cart" Style Feature
  • Subject and Comparable Photo Comparison
  • Investor, State and Client Specifc Overlays
  • Appraisal Credential Verification through ASC Integration
  • Instant Analysis of Investor Exclusionary List Database
  • MLS Photo Authentication and Data Integration
  • Side by Side Comparison of Revised Appraisal Fields
  • Adjustment and Condition Comparison to Local Market Data
  • Federal, State and Regulatory Compliance Verification
  • Appraisal, Vendor and Client Specific Data Reporting

Clients receive a detailed breakdown of all logic employed by the system, as well as commentary from quality control staff in the event the system recommends further analysis. Director of Operations Jacob Guertin discusses the advantages, “I’ve found most lenders’ frustration regarding appraisal review derives from minor errors and variances from established guidelines resulting in multiple touches by underwriting staff. It’s almost humorous to put it that simply, but it’s true. The AIR system addresses both by increasing appraiser accountability without erroneously questioning their rationale. I feel we’ve developed a ‘win-win’ for both parties.”

Direct Encompass Integration

The CoesterVMS Direct Encompass Integration provides clients the tools and features necessary to manage their appraisal pipeline directly from Services View in Encompass.

Our development team designed the integration to mirror the Cloud Control System and include many of the tools requested on our previous interface by client users. We believe this tool will provide significant efficiency gains to clients utilizing the Encompass Platform.

Population of Loan File Fields to Order Screen

Nearly all fields required to request an appraisal now populate directly to the order form


Staff members placing orders may now associate additional users with an order to ensure they receive all necessary updates

Document Upload

The updated interface allows ordering users to upload multiple documents during order placement

Comprehensive Pipeline Management

Users can access, monitor and update all orders available through their profile in the Pipeline screen

Update Feed

This feature provides real time status updates in an easily accessible log from the Pipeline screen

Cloud Control Integrations

The CoesterVMS Cloud Control System maintains a Web Services portal allowing for direct integration with Loan Origination and Service Provider Systems. CoesterVMS Development staff possesses years of integration and project management experience directly manages implementation from simple “plug and play” processes to fully customized API’s. The information below details current Cloud Control integrations, as well as those currently in development.

Currently Available

  • Custom Integration
  • Enhanced Pipeline Management and Document Distribution Tools
  • Condition Queue-Field Specific "Add to Cart" Style Feature
  • Software Provider: Ellie Mae
  • Customized to each client
  • Software Provider:Black Knight Financial Services
  • Software Provider: Mercury Network, LLC
  • Software Provider: FNC
  • Software Provider: ReverseVision
  • Software Provider: LendngQB

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