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Encompass® Administrator Panel User Guide

The CoesterVMS Encompass® Administrator Panel (“Admin Panel”), housed in CoesterVMS’ Direct Encompass® Integration, provides Administrators the ability to manage the data and files synced back to their loan file from CoesterVMS.  This document details the access and use of the Admin Panel’s features.

User Rights

Access to the Admin Panel is managed at the user level.  Client users with Company Admin rights may enable other users’ ability to access the Admin Panel by logging in at clients.coestervms.com, and navigating to the Manage Users section in the Profile tab. 

Authorized users may also contact support@coestervms.com to request enabling access for specific users.

Accessing the Admin Panel

After logging into the integration, users enabled with access to the Admin Panel will see the associated menu option in the top right corner of two pages:

  •  Home Page


  •  Pipeline



The Admin Panel displays instruction text, along with two tabs:

  • Field Sync
  • Folder Sync

The sections below describe the functionality of each tab.

Field Sync

The Field Sync Tab contains a table of all fields currently available to sync from the CoesterVMS order, to the associated loan file.  All fields will be enabled for syncing by default.

NOTE: Additional standard and custom fields may be requested, but must be released in conjunction with monthly Encompass® development schedules.

Users can uncheck the boxes to Off position which disables syncing of the data to the associated Encompass® loan file field.  Checking the boxes to On position (re)enables syncing of the data.


The Info column contains links to the description of each loan file field:


Folder Sync

The Folder Sync tab contains a table reflecting all document types CoesterVMS may send via the integration.  The Folder column contains text fields which allow users to enter the name of the folder within Encompass’® eFolder where documents will import. 


  • If no values are entered, documents will populate to the default Encompass® folder.  For example, the PDF version of the appraisal would populate to the “Appraisal” folder.
  • Upon import, the integration will create a new folder with the entered name if none are found in the eFolder.  Otherwise, the documents will populate to the existing folder.