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Using AVM Credits

Highly Accurate Valuations

Take advantage of the latest in predictive technology and receive consistently accurate property valuations. Value SAFE is a truly “blended model." It draws upon a combination of hedonic, index, and various hybrid valuation methodologies. Each valuation method is backed by a number of our predictive technologies including Neural Network, Linear and Non-Linear Regression, Econometric and Statistical Non-Regression-Based Time Trend, Data Mining, Statistical Discrete and Statistical Fuzzy Clustering, Probabilistic, Bayesian, and Optimization approaches.

Get A free AVM Credit When you order a full appraisal:

Terms and conditions:

  • AVM credits expire 60 days after appraisal order has been placed.
  • AVM credits are awarded to the person placing orders(*Please note if there is someone different placing orders then the credits will be given to the Branch Manager for their distribution)
  • If there is no hit or result after running the AVM, the AVM credit will still be considered used.
  • AVM credits are not awarded to orders marked as “Bill”
  • AVM credits can be used for either the Retro AVM or the Regular AVM