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Split Bill Payment Method

CoesterVMS developed the Split Bill Payment option to afford clients greater control over payment method selection and increase disclosure consistency.  The information below details the process of placing an order with this payment option, as well as the associated user rights.

Order Placement

Follow the steps below to place appraisal orders utilizing the Split Bill payment method:

  • From the Main page, select the Appraisal Order option from one of the two (2) menus, which both direct to the order screen:


  • Complete the following sections on the order screen:
    • Reference Information
    • Client Information
    • Subject Property Information
    • Assignment Information
      • NOTE: At least one product must be selected to calculate Split Bill balances
  • From the Billing Information section, select Split Bill from the Payment Method field:
  •  The system will populate two (2) additional Payment Method options:


  • Select the preferred option for the first payment method and enter the amount to apply to that method in the Pay Amount field: 
  • Complete the fields associated with the first payment method (if applicable):
  • Select the preferred option for the second payment method.  Systems will automatically calculate the remaining balance of the selected product(s):

  • The Bill option can only be selected for one of the split bill payment method options.  Users looking to bill the entire product fee should select the Bill option in the primary Payment Method field.
  • Users will only have access to the Bill option if allowed by their account administrator or general payment preferences. 
  • Complete the remaining sections and confirm the order.

Upon order confirmation, CoesterVMS systems will attempt to process payment on any credit card or check information input by the entering user.  Orders will remain in Waiting for Payment status CoesterVMS successfully charges any upfront payments.

Managing User Access to Split Billing

Follow the steps below to manage user access to the Split Bill payment method.

  • Navigate to the Profile tab, and select Manage Users from the menu on the left side of the screen:

  • The following menu displays all active branches and users.  Identify the preferred user and select the edit option from the Action column:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the following screen to locate the  Allow Split Bill option:


  • Select Yes to grant access, No to prohibit.  Click Save to confirm any changes.


  • Only administrator level users have access to the Manage Users menu
  • Clients must contact CoesterVMS to enable their account for Split Billing.  The Allow Split Bill option will not display if this option is not active on the account associate with the desired user.