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Rush Designation

On Monday August 31st, CoesterVMS will release an update to its order form which allows lender clients to easily designate orders for expedited return.  The "Rush" designation prioritizes orders in the queues of CoesterVMS staff and panel appraiser to ensure return of quality reports in urgent scenarios.

Rush Order Placement

Release of the rush designation relocates the Due Date field below the product selection menu, along with a check box "Rush" field to indicate the need for expedited delivery:

Selection of the Rush designation will populate a message notifying the ordering user of the application of preset a rush turn time and fee:

Additionally, if a user selects a date within the rush turn time, but does not manually select the rush designation, the system will inform them of the associated fees upon completion of the order form:

Rush Fees and Turn Times

The fees and turn times associated with rush designations populate from the product(s) selected by the ordering user.  The information below details the rush metrics for commonly ordered products:
  • Full Inspection Products: 1004, 1073, Field Review
    • Turn Time: 3 Business Days or Less
    • Fee: $150
  • Final Inspections/Desk Reviews
    • Turn Time: 2 Business Days or Less
    • Fee: $75
Please note, the above fees are subject to change with notices and may vary on an order by order basis.

Contact us with any inquiries regarding this update at