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Property Contact Scheduling System Contact Guide

CoesterVMS developed the Property Contact Scheduling System (PCSS) to expedite the process of scheduling an appraisal inspection through an email based process. 


Upon acceptance of an assignment by an appraiser, the contact designated by the lender client for entry to the subject property receives an email allowing them to select up to three preferred dates.  This initiates the process according to the workflow below:



Follow the instructions below to:

  •         Provide preferred appointment dates for inspection
  •         Confirm or decline an appointment
  •         Confirm the inspection occurred

Submitting Preferred Appointment Dates

Once the appraisal order is assigned to an appraisal an email is generated to the property contact to provide their preferred appointment dates/times. 

Email Form

Follow the steps below to submit preferred appointment dates via email:

  •         Enter up to three dates and times into the email form, then click Submit: 


NOTE: Internet browsers maintain various settings on form submissions from email messages.  In some cases, contacts may be required to acknowledge submission to an external form.  Click OK as pictured below to confirm submission:


Successful submission of preferred dates from the email form will populate in a separate tab:


Online Portal

If a contact’s preferred browser does not allow for email form submissions, they may select the Click Here option below the email form:

Upon click a separate window/tab will open with the following menu allowing for entry of dates and times:

  •         Tip: Dates can by manually typed into the date fields, or selected from the calendar which populates after clicking each field: 


Appointment Confirmation/Declination

Following the assigned appraiser’s selection of a preferred date, the property contact receives a message allowing them to confirm or decline the appointment:


Appointment Confirmation

By selecting the confirm option, the appointment date is confirmed with the appraiser and no further action is necessary from the property contact until after the inspection occurs:



Appointment Declination

Declining the appointment date selected by the appraiser reinitiates the PCSS, and a new email form is sent to the contact.

Inspection Confirmation

In addition to scheduling the inspection, the PCSS also allows the property contact to confirm the inspection occurred as scheduled.  One hour following the scheduled appointment date, the property contact receives a message to confirm the inspection occurred as scheduled:

If the contact confirms, the order status changes to Inspected and the appraiser receives notification of the update.