Placing an Appraisal Order in the Cloud Control System

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Placing an Appraisal Order in the Cloud Control System

Placing an Appraisal Order in the Cloud Control System

Accessing the Order screen

  •       Enter the Login and Password provided by CoesterVMS at
  •       Click the Login button:

  •       From the Main page, select the Appraisal Order option from one of the two (2) menus, which both direct to the order screen:


Placing an Order
The information below details each section of the CoesterVMS Appraisal Order Screen. Fields required for order placement are indicated by a red asterisk (*). 

Reference Information (“Ref Info”)
The reference information section contains three (3) fields which assist in identifying the order and loan type:

  •         Loan Number*

o   Enter the  number associated with the loan file

  •        FHA*

o   Select Yes to indicate the order is associated with an FHA transaction, No if any other loan type.

  •         FHA Case Number

o   Enter the FHA Case number (if applicable)

o   NOTE: If you select Yes in the FHA field you must enter FHA case number or order will be put on hold until CoesterVMS receives the information.


Client Information
The Client Information section contains a number fields pertaining to the Clients information on the report:

  •        Branch*

o   Select another the appropriate branch to place the order(if applicable)         

  •         Client

o   Displays the Parent Account or ordering Branch’s Name

  •         Processor

o   Please type in the name or utilize the search icon to look up and add any additional users that need to be updated on the report. Up to 3 users can be added to the processor fields.

  •        Ordered By

o   Name of the user who is placing the order

o   NOTE: Field automatically populates and cannot be edited

  •         Ordered By email

o   Email address of user ordering the report

o   NOTE: Field automatically populates and cannot be edited

  •        Due Date*

o   Date when user would like the report returned

o   Note: If unadjusted this field automatically defaults the Due date to 7days from when the order is placed.

Wholesale Lender Selection
Follow the steps below if placing an order for a loan originated on behalf of a wholesale lender (“brokered loan”):

  • Select the Wholesale Lender from the drop down box.
  • Then select Name on Appraisal
    • NOTE: If wholesale lender’s name is not on the appraisal, the appraisal will be sent back to the appraiser for a revision causing a delay on delivery of the report.
  • Check the “Deliver To” Box

NOTE:  Selection of a wholesale lender requires your account to be enabled with a “Broker” designation. Contactsales@coestervms.comif you do not see this option and need to place a brokered order.

Subject Property Information
The subject property Information section contains 10 fields pertaining to the subject property the report is being ordered for:

  •         Borrower Name*

o   Name of person getting the report done on their subject property

  •        Co-Borrower Name

o   Name of person who is also getting the report done on their subject property

  •        Property Address*

o   Address of the property that is being appraised

  •        Zip code

o   Postal Zip code of subject being appraised

o   Note: You must click the VERIFY ZIP to automatically produce city, State, and county. Also by verifying Zip all Appraisal products populate in the next section of the form

  •        City/ State & County*

o   City, State and county of subject property

o   Note: these required fields Automatically populate when the VERIFY ZIP button is clicked

  •         Legal Description

o   The Legal description of the subject property.

  •         Borrower email

o   Please input if user would like the borrower to receive a copy of the report when it is completed.

  •        Property Type*

o   Description of the type of property being appraised (IE: single Family home or Condominium)


 Assignment Information
The Assignment Information section contains information on product types and other information pertaining to the completion of the report:

  •         Product Type*

o   Divided into four tabs (Residential, Reviews, Specialty Appraisals, BPO) Displays the various products and their respective fees.

  •        Intended Use*

o   Dropdown menu which gives options for the intended use of the report.

o   Note: Certain intended uses(Purchase, Reviews) have pop up reminders that will appear to the right of field reminding the user to upload additional documents

  •        Occupancy

o   Dropdown menu which gives options for the occupancy of the subject property

  •        Sales Price

o   If purchase use this filed to put the sales price of the subject property

  •       Estimated Value

o   Field is used to place an estimated amount the subject property is worth

  •         Loan Amount

o   Field is used to place the values of the loan the borrowers are receiving.


Due Date and Rush Designation
The Cloud Control system will default a due date of seven (7) calendar days from the current date. Select the “Rush” option if expedited return (See “Rush Turn Times and Fees”) is required:
  • Selection of the Rush designation will populate a message notifying the ordering user of the application of preset a rush turn time and fee:
  • Additionally, if a user selects a date within the rush turn time, but does not manually select the rush designation, the system will inform them of the associated fees upon completion of the order form:
Rush Fees and Turn Times
The fees and turn times associated with rush designations populate from the product(s) selected by the ordering user.  The information below details the rush metrics for commonly ordered products:
Full Inspection Products: 1004, 1073, Field Review
o    Turn Time: 3 Business Days or Less
o    Fee: $150
         Final Inspections/Desk Reviews
o    Turn Time: 2 Business Days or Less
o    Fee: $75

Please note the above fees are subject to change with notices and may vary on an order by order basis.

Billing Info

This section displays the payment information for the Report being ordered

  •        Payment method

o   Drop down menu used to select the appropriate billing method. Bill, Credit Card, eCheck and Send Borrower Credit Card Link are billing methods to choose from.



Property Access/ Contact Information

This section of the order form is utilized to display the contact information for entry to the property as well as the preferred appointment dates section:

  •        Name

o   Name of person giving the appraiser/inspector entry to the subject property.

o   Note: I entry contact is not borrower please Uncheck the SAME AS BORROWER checkbox next to name and input the correct contact information.

  •         Home, Work, Other Phone

o   Fields are utilized to input the phone numbers for the person who is to be the contact for entry

  •        Contact Email

o   Email address for person who is to the contact for entry

  •         Relationship

o   Dropdown menu for the relationship to the subject property of the contact for entry

  •        Preferred Appointment Date(s)

o   Dates borrowers have allotted time to be home for inspection.

o   Date and a Time frame is to be entered. 3 preferred appointment dates can be selected



Client information
This section of the order form is utilized for the Client to relay any information notes or special instructions needed to completed the report:

  •        Notes/Special Instructions

o   Please fill out this section if user has any specific messages they would like to communicate with the appraiser.



Attach Files
This section is used to upload and documents needed in order to complete the report. NOTE: CoesterVMS is not responsible for documents containing any borrower’s personal financial information that gets uploaded within the documentation.

  •        Choose Category

o   Dropdown menu which categorizes the document being uploaded (IE: Purchase contract)

  •        Browse

o   This button opens a window to locate the document that needs to be uploaded

o   Note: Document types accepted PDF, DOC, TXT, XLSX and XLS and the Max upload size is 15mb

  •        Clear

o   This button deletes any unwanted document uploads

  •        Next

o   Click this button to be taken to the order confirmation screen  


Order Confirmation
This section is the order confirmation screen, user can review and modify any changes need before placing the order:

  •        Confirm order

o   This button is clicked when the appraisal order is ready to be submitted. 

Invoice Page
This section informs user that order has been successfully placed and the file number has been created.

  •        File number

o   Takes user to the order pipeline to view the status of the order.

  •          Print Invoice

o   Provides the user a copy of the invoice for the report ordered.