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Online Appraisal Rebuttal Process

Appraisal reports are a reflection of an appraiser's opinion of a property's value which can be subject to interpretation. With this understanding, we have developed a rebuttal process which allows borrowers and clients to submit their concerns, specific and general, quickly to our Quality Control staff through the CoesterVMS client module.

Appraisal Rebuttal Case Submission

Clients who have factual information, additional comparables, or general concerns to propose may submit anAppraisal Rebuttal request to our QC staff by following the steps below:

  • Log into your account at clients.coestervms.com
  • Once logged in, select the Cases option at the top of the main page:

  • To submit anAppraisal Rebuttal Case, select Appraisal Rebuttal from the case submission drop down menu at the top of the page. Once selected, hit Go:

  • This will open up an online, customizable version of our CoesterVMS Appraisal Rebuttal Form

Completing the CoesterVMS Appraisal Rebuttal Form

Users completing the form should begin by associating the form to the order/report in question. 
To do so, select the magnifying glass  icon to the right of the CoesterVMS Reference # field,
which will open a Lookup window:

  • Enter the file number, loan number, or another field relevant to the order and hit Enter. A list of related orders will populate below. 
  • Select the correct order by clicking the underlined file number
  • The window will close, and all applicable information will populated to the Order Information section of the form:

Once the order information section is complete, select the Reconsideration Type, add Comments and provide a descriptiveDesired Outcome:

NOTE: Any Appraisal Rebuttal Requests submitted with a target or range of value will not be considered and will be returned to the client.

Users can also provide Additional Comparables based on the nature of their request:

  • Users should provide as much information as possible regarding the comparables they’d like considered

Once the form is completed, hit to confirm submission of the form.

You will receive a confirmation message above your Cases queue:

QC Appraisal Rebuttal Process

A QC Specialist will be assigned to the case and will have 48 hours to research any possible basis for the rebuttal:

  • If the QC Specialist finds reasonable basis, he or she will contact the appraiser and discuss what can be accomplished.  If options are available, the QC Specialist will discuss them with the client and may complete and/or update the submitted CoesterVMS Appraisal Rebuttal Form on behalf of the client.
  • Appraisers who receive a VR request will have 48 hours from the time they receive the request from the QC Specialist (not from client submission) toprovide an updated report or rebut the request in writing.

Once the appraiser responds to the request and/or provides an updated report, a CoesterVMS Quality Control Specialist will review the response and complete a CoesterVMS Appraisal Rebuttal ResponseForm to be delivered at the point of order (re)completion.

  • If no basis for reconsideration is found or if, after speaking with the appraiser, a change in value is deemed to be unlikely, the QC Specialist will report their findings to the client on the CoesterVMS Appraisal Rebuttal ResponseForm who would then have the option to:
  • Order a desk/field review
  • Order a new report
  • Proceed with the current report

Regardless of outcome, QC Specialists will place a customer service call with the client to review the results of the Appraisal Rebuttal. If the client has any further concerns, they should direct them to the QC specialist who completed the response form, along with their Account Manager.

For further details, please contact us at 1-888-485-9203.