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Managing Users in Cloud Control

Managing Users in CoesterVMS Cloud Control

Clients have the ability to manage their users’ access to vendor information from the CoesterVMS Client Module. The steps below describes the process of managing user rights:

  • From the Profile section, select Manage Users Settings.
  • The Manage Users menu displays a list of all active and inactive users, and allows admins to add or edit users:

  • To edit user information, select the Edit ( ) option in the Action column
  • The system information section will allow admins to designate user rights and login credentials:

The information below details the available user roles with access description, along with the title(s) commonly associated:

  • View Only
    • Can view orders placed in their name
    • Common Title: Loan Officer
  • User
    • Can view and edit notes (no integral order information) on orders placed in their nam
    • Common Role: Loan Officer
  • Processor/Manager
    • Can view and edit all orders within their branch
    • Common Role: Branch Processor/Underwriter, Branch Manager
  • Super Processor Manager
    • Can view and edit all orders within the company hierarchy
    • Common Role: Corporate Processor/Underwriter
  • Admin
    • Can view and edit all orders within the company hierarchy, as well as manage company settings including users, branches, appraiser panels, etc.
    • Common Role: Senior/Corporate Management