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Disclosure Calculator and Fee Quote Process

Due to the zero tolerance policy on appraisal fees implemented by TRID, CoesterVMS developed the Disclosure Calculator to provide lender clients more accurate pricing based on a specific property’s market and complexity.
Fee Calculation
The Disclosure Calculator employs a multi factor approach to determine the most accurate fee based on the entered property address and desired product.
Appraiser Fee Data
The first factor, built on CoesterVMS’ Customary and Reasonable pricing engine, selects the mean appraiser fee from the previous ten assignments for the selected product in the subject property’s market. This mean appraiser fee, plus CoesterVMS’ standard fee for the product, are combined to determine the Base Fee on the Fee Quote.
Complexity Upcharges
Following calculation of the Base Fee, the Calculator pulls the following factors from a real estate database:
  • Estimated Value
  • Finished Square Footage
  • Lot Size
If the property meets any of the following tiers for these factors, the system applies the associated upcharge, based on CoesterVMS’ database of fee variance requests from appraisers:
  • Estimated Value
Tier Minimum
Tier Maximum
  • Finished Square Footage
Tier Minimum
Tier Maximum
  • Lot Size (in acres)
Tier Minimum
Tier Maximum
NOTE: Upcharges and tiers are subject to change at the discretion of CoesterVMS.
Rush Designation
In scenarios where the lender clients will require expedited return of the report, a rush designation and associated fee may be applied to the quote.
Requesting a Quote
Follow the steps below to request a quote through the Disclosure Calculator.
  • Login at clients.coestervms.com
  • Click the Fee Quote option at in the top right corner of the page:
    • NOTE: Access to the calculator is manageable at the user level and may be disabled at the client’s discretion. Contact sales@coestervms.com for assistance with managing Calculator access.
    • In the following menu, complete the following fields, then click Verify Zip:
    •  FHA
      • Designates the loan type of the transaction. Select Yes for FHA, No for all others
    • Property Address
    •  Zip Code
  • The Verify Zip option will immediately populate the following fields:
    •  Property City, State and County
    • Estimated Value (locked)
    • Finished Square Footage (locked)
    • Lot Size (measured in acres, locked) 
  • Select the Product Category and Product:
  • Check the Rush option (if applicable):
  • Click Calculate to generate the quote:
After calculating the quote, the Calculator produces an itemized breakdown of the requested quote, along with the total fee:
 NOTE: The Total Fee should be utilized if disclosing appraisal fees based on a quote from the calculator.
  •  Select the Order Now option to proceed with placing an order based on the quote
  • Select the Save Quote option to store the quote in the My Quotes Menu for future order placement. If selected the system will populate a confirmation message, including the expiration date of the quote: 
NOTE: Validity periods may change at the discretion of CoesterVMS. CoesterVMS will respect the expiration date of quotes requested prior to changes in validity period.
My Quotes
Saved quotes may be accessed prior to expiration from the My Quotes menu on the Pipeline Screen. This menu allows users to manage their quotes by filtering ( ) and sorting any of the column headings.
Printing Quotes
The Print option downloads a PDF copy of the quote for reference in loan files or discussions with borrowers.
Quote Accessibility
Access to quotes follows the same logic as appraisal orders. For example, a “User” will only possess access to their quotes, while an “Admin” will maintain access to the organization’s quotes.

Placing Orders from Quotes
Users have two options to place an appraisal order from a quote generated by the Calculator:
  • New Quote
    • Generate a quote and select the Order Now option below the itemized breakdown: 
  • Saved Quote
    • Select the Order Now option on a specific record in the My Quotes menu:
From both options, an order form will load in a new window with all information from the quote entered and locked from editing. Additional products may be associated to the order; however, the quoted product will remain locked with the estimated fee:
Complete the remainder of the order form and confirm the order to initiate assignment processes.