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CoesterVMS Appraisal Intelligent Review (AIR) User Guide

Appraisal Intelligent Review (AIR) User Guide
Version 1.0
November  2014

CoesterVMS developed the Appraisal Intelligent Review (AIR) system to provide lenders an efficient, processed based appraisal review interface. The system guides appraisal reviewers through several pages containing data pulled directly from the fee panel appraiser’s report.  

User Rights

Administrators can control user access to AIR directly from the Cloud Control System by following the steps below:
  • From the Profile section, select Manage Users:
  • From the Manage Users menu, select the Edit () option in the Action column on a specific user profile:
  • Navigate to the Allow AIR option in the System Information section. Select Yes to enable access to AIR, No to restrict access:
  •  Select Save to confirm the change(s)
Accessing AIR
Utilize one of the following methods Access AIR on a specific order:
  • Completion Notification Link
    • Received via email following completion of CoesterVMS’ Quality Control review: 
NOTE:  Only users associated with a specific order will receive completion notifications
  • Pipeline Menu
    • Located in the Completed tab of the pipeline menu:    
  • Appraisal Details Page
    • Located in the top right corner of the Appraisal Details page of completed orders.
Navigating the AIR System
The Cloud Control System initially directs users to the AIR Welcome Page which displays the cover photograph of the property on the appraisal:
  • Select the Continue option to proceed with reviewing the appraisal
All subsequent pages will contain the following tools to assist in navigating through AIR:
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Go Back and Continue are located at the bottom of each page and navigate to the previous and subsequent pages, respectively:
  • Sidebar Menu
    • Indicates the current page and allows direct access to all sections.

The features detailed below guide the AIR system experience and offer innovative solutions to common issues in the appraisal review process.
Condition Queue
This feature allows users to request revisions on specific fields within the appraisal report as they progress through the AIR System. Each page section contains a condition () option which opens a menu which allows users to select a specific field and add text to the request:
Once submitted, the AIR System logs the request and associated field in the Condition Queue for reference throughout the review process:
Progress Bar
The Progress Bar tracks the number of pages viewed, as well as the rule statuses, throughout the review process:
For more information on Rule Statuses, see the Review Checklist section below.
Tools Menu
This option allows users to access standard Cloud Control options directly from the AIR System:
View Appraisal
Select the View Appraisal option on any page to open the PDF report in a separate tab or window:
CoesterVMS designed AIR guide users through pages representing aspects of the appraisal report and related tools. The information below details the content and tools available on each page.
Appraisal Details
The appraisal details page provides a brief summary of the borrower, property and transaction information, separated into the following sections.
Subject Property
View the appraiser’s information displayed in formatting from the appraisal by hovering over the View Info link: 
  • Select the View Document option to open purchase agreement(s) attached to the order
Subject Photos
AIR displays supporting photos in an easily accessible format and provides comparison tools to confirm information detailed in the report.
Photo Navigation Tools
The first page of the Subject Photos section displays a single window allowing for exploration of the report photos:

Each of the following pages described below contain two (2) of these windows to compare photos side by side.  See below for a description of each tool available within these windows:
  • Content Tabs
    • Organizes the report photos into sections. Click the applicable tab to display the desired photos:
  • Photo Scroll
    • Click the arrows on either side of the current image to move to the adjacent photo:
  • Batch Scroll
    • Click the arrows below the current image to scroll through segments of the photos available within the selected tab:

NOTE: Scroll not available if all images in a tab are currently displayed.


  • View Full Screen
o Select the View Full Screen option to expand the current page to fill the browser window:
  • Click the button in the top right corner of the full screen page to return to the standard view
Subject v. Comparable Comparison
Scroll through the images in the adjacent sections to compare the design/style of the subject property to those of the comparables:

The Compare Subject vs. Comparable Photos pages also contains the Property Description section from page one of the appraisal report:
Report v. Google Map Comparison
Compare the map provided in the appraisal report to a live GPS-based map:
Comparable Grid
Sales Grid
Review the full comparable grid and condition specific adjustments (if applicable):
Neighborhood Section
Access the Neighborhood Section of the report by clicking the link in the top right corner of the Sales Comparison Approach page:
Return to the Sales Comparison Approach by clicking the corresponding link on the Neighborhood Section page:
Review Checklist
The AIR System analyzes the report XML and utilizes nested rule sets to determine whether the report adheres with HUD and GSE guidelines, as well as investor overlays.
Rule Statuses
Following analysis, the AIR system categorizes rules based on their compliance with guideline logic. The Review Checklist page displays the designations in separate tabs:
The table below describes each category:
 Rule Category             Description
Critical Failures
Applicable report factors contain significant variances which require adequate support for
The report contains minor variances which may be left to underwriter discretion
Applicable report factors meet guidelines
CoesterVMS Quality control staff review all failures to confirm the report contains sufficient support of any variances. If QC Staff do not identify associated commentary, the report will be conditioned prior to completion. QC staff will add their notes to rules failures which are well supported and proceed with completing the order.  Review the lower section of failed rules for these notes:

View Rule Detail
The View Detail option highlights appraisal fields which apply to a specific rule:
Click this option to open a pop up window reflecting data from the report:
Add/Update Comments
Click the Add Comments option to insert notes on a specific rule:

Enter comments in the text box and select Save Comments to log notes on the rule:
Comments may be adjusted after saving by selecting the View Comment link, changing the text, and clicking the Update Comments button:

ule Clearance
Clearing rules allows users to designate failed rules as acceptable based on further review. After entering comments on the rule, click the Clear Rule button to update its status:

Once a rule is cleared, the AIR system transfers it to the Cleared tab:
The progress bar also updates the rule status counters:
Remove rule clearances by unchecking the Cleared checkbox on previously cleared rules:

Report Comparison
This feature provides a side by side comparison of fields updated from original to revised reports.
Review the previously request conditions by selecting the associated tab:
Return to the Report Comparison tab. Previously conditioned fields will appear highlighted for quick identification:
NOTE: Page only available on revised reports.
The Compliance Page consolidates several tools into a single interface.
Click the thumbnails to review previously requested Submission Summary Reports:
Click the Request SSR’s option to submit a request to the UCDP:
From the following menu, select an XML from the list (sorted newest to oldest) and hit generate:

  • NOTE:
    • UCDP submissions take roughly 5-7 minutes to process. The AIR system generates an email upon completion.
    • Contact a company administrator to request user rights if unable to access the SSR Request feature
Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) Verification
The AIR System maintains a direct integration with the ASC National Appraiser Registry and verifies the appraiser’s information upon upload of the appraisal report:
Borrower Valuation Delivery
Displays the delivery status of the appraisal report to the borrower, pulled directly from CoesterVMS email servers:

  • NOTE: This feature requires activation of the CoesterVMS Borrower Valuation Delivery System.
Finalize Review
The final stage of the AIR System allows users to take one of the following actions.
Condition Submission
All conditions logged throughout the review process display in the Condition Queue on the Finalize Review page. Edit, delete, or submit conditions from this view:
  • NOTE: The Clear Queue option deletes all logged conditions.
Print Checklist
Click the Finalize Review if analysis resulted in no required revisions:
On the following page, select Print Checklist:
The Print Checklist menu allows for selection of rule segments or full checklist, as well as inclusion of only the internal reviewer’s comments by selecting the Client Comments Only option: