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Borrower Appraisal Delivery Guide

Your lender has selected CoesterVMS to manage the appraisal process associated with your loan.  In order to ensure you receive a copy of your documents in a timely fashion, CoesterVMS will send you a message upon completion of the appraisal requesting your authorization to receive the documents via email.  This message will contain a link the CoesterVMS website which allows you to review the requirements and authorize delivery.  Upon receipt of this message, follow the steps below to receive your appraisal.

NOTE: Federal regulation requires your lender to provide alternative options to electronic delivery.  If you’d prefer to receive a hard copy of your appraisal, please contact your lender directly.
  • Open the message indicating completion of your appraisal and click the link entitled Delivery Email which will open the authorization screen:
  • NOTE: If a window does not open when you click the link, you may need to adjust your browser’s pop up settings.
  • Review the terms and conditions on the following screen, then check the acknowledgment box and click  Continue to proceed to the Authorization Screen:
  • Complete the fields on the authorization screen, then click Submit to authorize and initiate delivery of your appraisal:
  • Upon submission, you will receive confirmation of appraisal delivery initiation.  You may close the window at any time.
    • NOTE: Do not attempt to resubmit the authorization fields
  • Shortly after providing authorization, you will receive a second email message containing the details of your appraisal order and the associated documents:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact your lender or CoesterVMS support at: