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Aggregator Management and Appraisal Sharing

CoesterVMS offers lender clients the ability to share appraisals with their Aggregators through a Direct Integration with the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP).  This document details the systems which allow clients to manage their aggregator relationships and share appraisals directly from the CoesterVMS Cloud Control System.

User Rights

Access to Aggregator Management and Appraisal Sharing menus are managed at the user level.  The table below describes the rights associated with Appraisal Sharing features:



Intended User

Allow Agg Mgmt

Grants users access to manage the aggregators associated with their account and available for selection.

  • System Administrator
  • Secondary Manager

Allow Appraisal Sharing

Grants access to the Share Appraisal menu on the Appraisal Details page.

  • Underwriter
  • CloserPost
  • Closer

CorrAgg View

Defaults the users’ view to a pipeline of completed appraisals. Allows for mass sharing.

  • Secondary Manager
  • Secondary User

Client Users with Admin Rights can enable access to the Appraisal Sharing features described below by logging in at, and navigating to the Manage Users section in the Profile tab.  After selecting the Action option for any user, the Appraisal Sharing section of the profile will contain manageable fields for each feature:


Authorized users may also contact to request enabling access for specific users.

Aggregator Management   

Users enabled with Allow Agg Mgmt rights can access the Manage Aggregators menu from the Profile section at


This menu allows users to select the aggregators which their users may select from the Share Appraisal menu and CorrAgg View.  Click options from the left column to select aggregators, right column to remove:

Appraisal Sharing

Based on a user’s access described in the User Rights section, appraisals may be shared from one of the following menus:

  • Share Appraisal
  • CorrAgg View

The sections below detail the features and intended users of each menu.

Share Appraisal Menu

The Share Appraisal menu allows users to share individual appraisals with a selected aggregator from the Appraisal Details page.  This option is intended for users generally involved with the valuation process and familiar with CoesterVMS systems, such as Underwriters or Closers.

NOTE: The Share Appraisal menu will only display if the appraisal received successful UCDP findings.

Follow the steps below to initiate a designation from the Share Appraisal menu:

  • Open the Appraisal Details page by clicking the linked file number in the Pipeline or from Search
  • Click Share Appraisal:


  • Select an aggregator from the picklist:


  • Click Share to initiate the request:


The menu will display the alert below if the appraisal is shared successfully:


CorrAgg View

The CorrAgg View defaults the user interface to a menu displaying a pipeline of completed appraisals.  This option is intended for users not generally involved in the valuation process or not familiar with CoesterVMS systems, such as Secondary Market users.


NOTE: Users may access the standard interface by clicking the Cloud Control button at the top right of the page.

The view displays appraisal records in four tabs based designation status, described below:



Not Designated

Records not designated to an aggregator.


Records designated to an aggregator(s).


Records queued for delivery to, or pending response from the UCDP.

NOTE: Records selected in mass will be delivered in intervals allowable by the UCDP.


Records which received a failed response from the UCDP

User can also locate specific records by entering an order identifier (loan number, doc file ID, etc.) into the Search Bar.

Sharing Individual Appraisals

Follow the steps below to share a single appraisal from the CorrAgg View:

  • Check the box in the Select column for the desired record:


  • Select an aggregator from the record’s picklist:


  • Click Share:


If the appraisal is shared successfully, the system will display the alert below and the record will move to the Designated tab:

Appraisals may be re-shared to new aggregators by selecting the Share option for any record in the Designated tab:

The following menu will display the previously shared aggregators, along with the option to select a new aggregator:

Mass Appraisal Sharing

The CorrAgg View allows users to share multiple appraisals at one time, if all are directed to the same aggregators. Follow the steps below to share multiple appraisals:

  • Check the box in the Select column for multiple records:

  • Click the Share Selected button which appears following selection of multiple records:

  • From the following menu, select an aggregator and click Share Selected to initiate sharing:


If the request is successful, the following alert will display and records will enter Pending status awaiting a response from the UCDP: