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Order Update Email Forms

Beginning Monday, March 30th, assigned network appraisers will begin receiving email messages containing form fields which allow for entry of schedule dates and inspection confirmations.  The information below details the process of entering this information into the applicable fields.  This option is available from any web based email inbox, including mobile devices.  See the sample and instructions below for details on utilizing this feature.

Scheduling an Inspection
Upon accepting an order, the assigned appraiser will receive a notification confirming acceptance and providing the property contact's information.  This message will also contain the fields reflected below which allow for entry of the scheduled inspection date.  To schedule in CoesterVMS systems, select the applicable date and time, then click the Submit option:

Inspection Confirmation
Following the scheduled date and time, the assigned appraiser will receive a message containing sections which allow for confirmation of the inspection date and time, or the ability to enter an updated date if the borrower reschedules:

Confirmation Screen
Upon submission of either form, the message will direct to a new tab reflecting a confirmation message, as well as an option to log into CoesterVMS systems:

NOTE: Systems will not allow multiple submissions of the same form.  Any updates to previous schedules or inspections must be entered in the Cloud Control System.
Please note, all email servers have specific policies on form submissions from email messages.  Most simply alert users they are submitting a form (see example below) and request confirmation, while others may not allow for submission.  We apologize if your preferred email service does not allow for utilization of this feature.