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CoesterVMS Connect Application User Guide

The CoesterVMS Connect Mobile Application (the “App”) allows appraiser partners to manage their assignment pipeline and Cloud Control profile directly from any iOS or Android device. This document includes a description of the app functions, capabilities, and step-by-step procedures for system access and use.
Downloading the App
The App is available for download at no cost from both the Apple® App Store and Google Play® stores. The sections below detail the steps to download the App from the applicable store.
Apple® App Store
Appraisers can download the App on iOS (Apple) devices clicking the download links below from their iPhone or iPad, or by searching for CoesterVMS Connect in the App Store:
Google Play®
Appraisers can download the App on Android devices clicking the download links below from their iPhone or iPad, or by searching for CoesterVMS Connect in the Google Play Store:
Creating a Profile
Appraisers interested in becoming a CoesterVMS Appraiser Partner can initiate the registration process directly from the App by following the steps below:
  • Select the Signup option at the bottom of the login page: 


  • On the Profile Details page enter First Name, Last Name, and Company, then select Continue


  • On the following page, enter phone number, email address and password, then click Continue


  • If successful, the following message will display:
Registering appraisers will also receive a message to confirm their email account which contains link (“Click Here”) to activate their account:
NOTE: While some aspects of the appraiser profile are editable in the App, document uploads (E&O, License, etc.) must be completed online. The link below details the process of completing a CoesterVMS Appraiser Profile:
Logging In
Appraisers with previously created CoesterVMS profiles may use their existing credentials to access the App.
Following successful login, appraisers will be required to review CoesterVMS’ terms and conditions, by checking the box, and selecting Proceed:
Appraisers logging into the app for the first time will be directed to a brief video tutorial detailing the features of the app, along with the benefits of enabling location services and push notifications:
Following the tutorial, the App will request the Appraiser enable access to push notifications and location services from the mobile device:
CoesterVMS encourages appraisers enable both options to ensure immediate notification on available assignments, as well as access to proximity based opportunities.
NOTE: Location services remain active only when the App is open. Closing the app disables access to location until a new session is opened.
Home Screen
Once logged in, Appraisers are directed to the Home screen, which allows for management of appraisal orders. The Home screen is separated into three primary queues, described below:
  • Active (Default)
    • Orders accepted by the appraiser and currently in progress
  • Unaccepted
    • Orders either directly assigned to, but not accepted by, the appraiser or those available to the appraiser in initial assignment workflows
  • Exchange
    • Orders available to the appraiser in CoesterVMS’ Order Exchange
  • NOTE: Orders displayed in the Exchange queue are available to all eligible appraisers in the market
Appraisers can navigate between the queues by either:
  • Tapping the desired queue at the top of the page:
  • Swiping left or right from the body of the page:
In each queue, orders are displayed as “cards” with key information and options to update the order based on the current status:
Orders requiring updates will display an alert in the top right corner of the card, as picture below:
Tapping the alert displays the required update, along with options to change information (when applicable):
Appraisers can sort or search for orders displayed in each queue by selecting the options pictured below:
The sections below detail the options available in each queue, based on current status.
Active Queue
The Active queue displays all orders accepted by the Appraiser which have not yet been completed. 
Pre-Inspection Options
Orders prior to Inspected status, and not currently on hold, will display the following options at the bottom of the card: 
  •    Update
    • Allows the appraiser to update the status of the order
    • Associated Menus are dependent on order status and covered in the Scheduling Inspections and Confirming Inspections sections below 
  • More Options
    • Opens a pop up menu the following options:
  • Help
    • Opens the menu pictured below which allows the appraiser to submit a request for assistance:
  • Details
    • Displays the full Order Details, including property information and assignment requirements. 
  • Contact
    • Opens a popup menu with options to reach out to the point of contact for the inspection: 
Scheduling Inspections
Once the inspection appointment is set with the property contact, select the Update option to enter the time and date on the order, then tap confirm:
­If successful, the following confirmation will display and the order status will update to inspection scheduled:
Preferred Appointment Dates
Property contacts are offered the option to submit Preferred Appointment Dates through CoesterVMS’ Property Contact Scheduling System (PCSS). If the contact submits dates, the appraiser will receive a push notification and the dates will display in the Update screen of the order (if not yet scheduled):
Appraisers may select one of the preferred dates, which will send the date to the contact for confirmation, or use the Select Date option to manually enter the confirmed date:
Confirming Inspections
After completing the inspection of the property, Appraisers can select the Update option on orders in Inspection Scheduled status to confirm the inspection occurred. By default, the menu will have the As Scheduled option enabled:
If the inspection occurred as scheduled, appraisers can tap Confirm to update the order status to Inspected status. If the inspection time changed, but still occurred, appraisers can select No, then enter the correct date and time.
If the inspection was rescheduled, appraisers can click the alert on the card to enter the new appointment date and time. 
In the event the inspection did not occur and was not rescheduled, appraisers should notify CoesterVMS immediate through the Help option.
Post Inspection Options
Following confirmation of the inspection, order cards will only display the Help and Details options:
Appraisers must upload appraisals to the Cloud Control System at to complete assignments.
Unaccepted Queue
The Unaccepted queue allows appraisers to review available appraisal orders and either accept or decline the assignment by following the steps below:
  • Open the order details by selecting the Actions option at the bottom of the card:
  • Review the order details. Tap headers to expand and collapse the section:


  • Tap Accept at the bottom of the page to accept the order at the current terms
Confirm acceptance by tapping agree on the following pop up:
  • To decline the order, tap Decline at the bottom of the page:
o   Provide a declination reason on the following pop up menu and select Confirm to remove the order from the Unaccepted queue:
Exchange Queue
The Exchange Queue (“Exchange”) displays orders previously offered to appraisers which remain in the CoesterVMS Order Exchange. After tapping the Actions option at the bottom of any order card in the Exchange Queue, appraisers have the option to either accept the order at the current terms, or submit a modification request to the current terms.
Accepting orders from the Exchange follows the same steps for acceptance as those detailed in the Unaccepted Queue section. 
Modifying Order Exchange Assignments
The Modify option allows appraisers to submit a request to modify the fee or due date of the assignment based on their review of the property and scope of work. To initiate the modification request process, click Modify, then follow the steps below:
  • Select an option from the Modification Reason Type drop down menu: 
o   NOTE: Modification Reasons are managed by CoesterVMS and may vary from the above pictured selections
  • Based on the selected Modification Reason Type, fields corresponding to the fee and due date will populate to the Modification Request Menu. Enter the fee and/or due date required to proceed with the assignment:
  • Provide a written explanation in for the change(s) in the Reason field:
  • Tap Confirm to finalize the modification request and deliver to CoesterVMS for review 
Following submission of a Modification Request, the order will be assigned CoesterVMS staff members will review the content of the request. Modifications will either be Accepted or Declined by CoesterVMS after review of each request’s requirements.
If a request is accepted, the Cloud Control System will also take the following actions following acceptance:
  • Order status updated to Accepted by Vendor
  • Order moved to Active Orders queue on the Main page
  • Notification with contact information and scheduling fields sent to appraiser
  • If a request is declined, the submitting appraiser will receive notice of the declination and the assignment will be removed from the Pending Orders tab in the Order Exchange.
The App contain a built in Calendar feature to assist appraisers with managing their assignment schedule. To access the calendar, tap the Calendar option at the bottom of any screen:
By default, the calendar will open to the current month. Appraisers can navigate between months by either tapping the corresponding arrows, or swiping the calendar:
Events will display as dots on the calendar, with corresponding records below:
Report due dates display as reddots, while scheduled inspections display in yellow. Tapping an event record opens the card for the order, allowing appraisers to update statuses or request help.
The Profile section of the App allows appraisers to view and edit aspects of their CoesterVMS profile. The default page displays the appraiser’s primary address on a map, along with the location of open assignments:
Tapping the Edit option in the top right corner allows appraisers to edit their contact information:
In addition to their contact information, appraisers can upload a photo to their profile from the Edit menu, by tapping the current photo (or default photo icon):
 Once tapped, a menu appears on the page to select or take a photo:
Coverage Area
The Coverage Area section displays Appraisers’ current coverage area records, which CoesterVMS uses in selecting appraisers for assignments. Appraisers can add new coverage areas by tapping the “plus” icon in the bottom right corner of the page:
The following page allows appraisers to select counties and/or zip codes by selecting the desired option(s) then tapping Add:
NOTE: Appraisers must be licensed in the state associated with a coverage area. If the appraiser is not licensed in the selected state, the App will display the alert below:
License and E&O
Appraisers can view their current License and E&O information on file with CoesterVMS in the associated sections of the Profile page:
NOTE: Appraisers must upload updated licenses and insurance information at