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Managing Assignments in CoesterVMS Cloud Control

The CoesterVMS Cloud Control system offers Appraiser Partners an intuitive, streamlined interface to manage assignments. Follow the steps below to update and complete assignments.
Home Page

Once logged into their profile at, Appraiser Partners will be directed to their home page which provides a visual breakdown of their pipeline, as well as the queues detailed below.
Active Orders

This queue reflects all open orders previously accepted by the Appraiser Partner:
  • Click Update to change the status of the order, upload a report, or request assistance from CoesterVMS staff. 
    • See the Updating Orders section for more information on these options
  • Click the hyperlinked file number to review the Assignment Details and attachments
    • See the Order Details section for more information on this page
Unaccepted Orders

This queue displays all orders pending acceptance from the Appraiser Partner:
  • Click Accept to acknowledge the terms of the assignment and proceed with the order
Declining Orders

The Decline option in the Unaccepted Orders queue allows the Appraiser Partner to reject the assignment. Following selection of this option, a menu will populate allowing the Appraiser Partner to provide a reason and notes on the declination:
NOTE: CoesterVMS actively review Decline comments if a file remains unassigned. It is best practice to provide as much information as possible in the Notes field.
Order Details

After accepting an assignment, Appraiser Partners will gain access to the Order Details page which contains the Scope of Work for the assignment, along with the following options:
  • Print Order
    • Opens a Printable Version of the Order Details/Scope of Work
  • Email Account Manager
    • Allows the Appraiser Partner  to directly email the CoesterVMS Account Manager assigned to the order 

This section, at the bottom of the Order Details page, contains any documents uploaded to the order.
  • Click the hyperlinked File Name to download the documents:
  • Appraiser Partners also receive attachments via email upon acceptance of an order
  • Specific lender clients may require their requirements be sent as an attachment. Appraiser Partners should review these documents prior to transmission of the appraisal the report to avoid unnecessary conditions
Updating Orders

The screen pictured below allows Appraiser Partners change the status of the order, upload a report, or request assistance from CoesterVMS staff. 
The Update Orderscreen can be accessed by clicking the Update option on a specific order in the Active Orders queue (pictured above), or by selecting Update Status from the top of the Order Details page:
Update Status of File

This menu allows Appraiser Partners to document the schedule of an inspection and confirm the inspection occurred as scheduled:

NOTE: Appraiser Partners can also schedule and confirm inspections directly from their inbox via update email forms. These messages are sent upon order acceptance and following the scheduled inspection time. For more information on email forms, click here.
Scheduling an Inspection

Once the inspection is scheduled with the property contact, follow the steps below to update the order status:
  • Select Inspection Scheduled in the Appraisal Status menu
  • Enter the scheduled date and time in the applicable fields
  • Click Submit
The Cloud Control System will confirm successful status update by displaying the message below:

Confirming an Inspection

Follow the steps below to confirm an inspection occurred:
  • Select Inspected in the Appraisal Status menu
  • Enter the scheduled date and time in the applicable fields or click the As Scheduled option to populate the originally scheduled date and time:
  • Click Submit
NOTE:  The Cloud Control system will not allow logging of the Inspected status until the order reaches Inspection Scheduled status.
Deliver File or Revision

This menu allows Appraiser Partners to transmit original or revised appraisal reports to CoesterVMS:
NOTE: Appraiser Partners must confirm an inspection occurred (when applicable) to access the Deliver File menu. If not confirmed, the system will fire the message below:

Follow the steps below to transmit a report to CoesterVMS:
  • Click the Choose File option on each file type to browse for the desired document:
o   If an XML is required for the product type the system will display the following alert above the upload fields:

  •  Enter the Appraised Value indicated in the report:

  • Select the Not Applicable option if an appraised value is not required for the product type.

  • Click Submit
Appraisal Validations
Following submission of the uploaded appraisal report, the Cloud Control System compares key fields in the appraisal report to those on the order. If variances are identified, the system will display them to the Appraiser Partner:

The Cloud Control system will require upload of a revised report if any of the variances have Yes in the Requires Update field. If all variances are justified and do not require an update, click the grey check box and select Proceed to complete transmission of the report:

Request Help or Comment
This menu allows Appraiser Partners to submit inquiries or commentary on an assignment, without changing the order status. Follow the steps below to add a comment on the order:

  • Select a menu option from the picklist:
  • Edit the default text:

  • Click Submit
The assigned CoesterVMS account manager will receive immediate notice of commentary on the order.