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Direct Deposit Process

Direct Deposit Registration Process
We developed our Direct Deposit system to expedite vendor payment by distributing timely, convenient invoice payments through secure ACH software. The steps below detail the process of registering for this service, authorizing CoesterVMS transfer directly to vendors’ preferred account. 

Registration Screen
Note: CoesterVMS reserves the right to disable access to the direct deposit feature at any time. Please contact if this option is unavailable in your profile.
  •   On the following page, enter all required information associated with your preferred account:

oAccount Name Type
  • Offers two options:
    •  Personal
      • Populates three (3) fields for First Name, Last Name, and Middle initial
    •  Business
      • Populates a single field for Business Name
  • Enter name(s) in following field as it appears on the account statement
    • Accounting Email
  •    Confirmation of payment will be sent via email. Please enter the email address you wish to receive these message
oBank Name
  • Enter the full name of the banking institution with no abbreviations
oAccount Type
  • Checking
  • Savings
oAccount Number
  • As it appears on the image below:

oRouting Number

  • Must be exactly nine (9) digits
  • As it appears on the image below:
  • Review the Direct Deposit Authorization and acknowledge by checking the box below:
  • Upon acknowledgement a text box with will populate. Enter the word or phrase indicated in the message above:
  • Conduct a final review of the entered information and select  to confirm submission.
    • The system will confirm successful entries by displaying the message below:
CoesterVMS accounting staff receive notifications regarding all new registrations and the Cloud Control
System creates a secure record for reference in preparation of payment.
Note:CoesterVMS stores all sensitive information on secure servers in accordance with all state, federal and regulatory (NACHA) requirements. The following link further details the security systems maintained by, the operating platform for CoesterVMS Cloud
Updating Your Information
After initial submission, the Cloud Control System will lock the entered information and redact sensitive information to ensure security.  Requests to update this information must be initiated by selecting the request update option from the completed Direct Deposit Sign-Up Portal screen:
Following the request, a message containing a single use security token will be sent to Accounting Email
on file:
Return to the Direct Deposit Portal, enter the security token into the applicable field, and select Submit
to complete the process:
Note: All requests to update information will clear original entries to ensure the security of sensitive information within the Direct Deposit Portal.
Payment Notifications
Once a vendor has successfully completed the Direct Deposit Registration process, CoesterVMS will
disburse all payments through this method. Vendors will receive notification via email upon initiation of
ACH transfer, including the file numbers, fees and grand total:
Note:CoesterVMS Accounting Staff will contact vendors immediately in the event of failed transfer due to invalid account information.