We have a new program that has drastically reduced turn times and improved appraisal quality, and this program is being offered to you at an exclusive early date!

In order to deliver on our payment promise to the participating appraiser, the orders must be paid via credit card to ensure immediate payment to appraisers - and a quick turn time- is possible.

Since its launch we have seen turn times decrease from 6 days to 3 days because appraisers are now putting our orders first knowing they will get paid immediately post-completion. The program is now available nationwide; all you have to do it set your billing option to “credit card only” and we’ve gott he rest!

Click the link below for more information on the Disclosure Calculator and associated processes:

The CoesterVMS Live! Program is aimed at providing quality appraisals in record time, and since its launch the results have been outstanding:


 Prior to Live! (average)

Live! Program (average)

Turn Times

 6 – 7 day TT

3 – 4 day TT


 4-5 hour TT

2 hour TT

  • Turn times cut in half from 6 days to 3 days
  • Turn times for administrative revisions cut in half from 4 hours to under 2 hours
  • 70% decrease in the overall number of revisions needed
  • All orders must be paid up front via credit card

Additional Details on the CoesterVMS Live! Program

Faster Turn times - 48 Hours after Inspection:

Within 2 hours of entering the ordera CoesterVMS representative will reach out to your point of contact to begin the scheduling process. By scheduling upfront with your borrower, we help control when the appraiser is going to come out to the property and control your customer experience. After speaking with the borrower and gathering information about the property, we select a qualified appraiser that can meet with the borrower or realtor based on the POC availability and schedule. All appraisals are due 48 hours after the inspection by one of CVMS appraisers. The appraiser will be paid the same day the file is turned into CVMS

Along with this Live! Program, we reach out to your order POC within the first 2 hours of order entry to schedule the inspection, as well as get important information about the property up front so there are no surprises later.

For information on how you can take advantage of our Live! Program, please email sales@coestervms.com.