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The last few years have indicated the true importance of honesty and trust in the real estate industry — two of the pillars that form Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services. We provide Appraisal, Title, and Closing services for Residential and Commercial Properties and serve many of the nation's largest banks, lenders and mortgage firms.

The Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services difference is our extensive Nationwide Corporate Appraisal Network (NCAN), made up of dedicated and highly experienced appraisal professionals. We constantly update and refine this network based on four key criteria: Quality, Speed, Accuracy and Customer Service. On average our appraisers have more experience than any other appraisal management firm in the industry, they provide superior service, and 98% of our appraisals are completed within 48 hours. Coupled with our industry-leading Corporate Appraisal QC Management Process — which includes two levels of review after the appraiser has submitted a report — we offer a level of service and accuracy unmatched by other firms.


  • Nationwide coverage in all corners of every state.
  • Fully FHA & HVCC compliant.
  • One stop service — we can manage your Appraisal, Title and Closing needs.
  • Single-family homes, multi-family homes, foreclosures, REO, FHA, BPO, and complex cases are our specialty.
  • Expert appraisers with an average of more than 10+ years experience each.
  • Appraisals for all types of Commercial Property, including: apartment buildings, residential subdivisions, retail buildings, shopping centers, same-use and mixed-use buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, R&D facilities, mobile home parks, and other commercial property types.
  • 98% of our appraisals are completed within 48 hours.
  • The quality of our work is unsurpassed. Our clients return less than 1.5% of our Appraisal Reports for further review due to our Corporate Appraisal Internal Review Teams (CAIRT).
  • Our industry-leading quality is so good, we are called upon to validate past appraisals performed by other firms and to conduct Appraisal Value Reconciliations.
  • A constant investment in technology ensures that we have the most extensive, customizable, and Advanced Technology Platform on the market (Open BOX LASS Technology Solution) making us more efficient at a lower price point than any of our competitors.
  • We provide fast, reliable, and highly personalized service with our Dedicated Client Service Teams.