In The Community

CoesterVMS values serving the community as a vital aspect of a successful organization.  As an expanding small business, CoesterVMS dedicates time every quarter to assist local schools or assistance programs.

How CoesterVMS is Giving Back to Communities It Serves

National appraisal company CoesterVMS has a reputation as one of the best providers of accurate appraisal reports for mortgage transactions in the nation. But, the company is committed to doing more than just reporting on the value of properties. It is also committed to creating value in communities throughout the country with its charitable donations and strategic giving initiatives.

CoesterVMS understands that the real value in the economy is found in the hardworking people who often work behind the scenes in our communities. That is why the company is always looking for incredible local nonprofit organizations to partner with. Here are some of the highlights of the company’s recent charitable partnerships.

Louisiana Disaster Relief

Recent flooding in the Gulf region of Louisiana has forced many people from their homes and left many more without access to essentials such as potable water. CoesterVMS wanted to do something to help all those who are suffering from the devastating effects of the floods. The company has donated 144 cases of clean water to the Capital Area United Way in Baton Rouge. This water will be used to help all those people left without access to one of the most basic needs of survival, clean water.

Giving Local Schools and Teachers a Helping Hand

CoesterVMS may serve clients all over the United States, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots as a Rockville, Maryland company, where it still maintains its headquarters.

Recently, the appraisal company has been working with schools in Maryland and Virginia to provide better learning environments for the students. CoesterVMS provided cleaning materials, and over 90 volunteers to help makeover four schools in Montgomery County and four schools in Virginia.

The volunteers worked on various cleaning, landscaping, and painting projects at the various schools. These efforts not only improve the way the schools look, but they also allow the schools to invest the money they save on these maintenance issues directly into core educational needs.

CoesterVMS views these efforts with local schools as invest in the future of the community and the nation.

Working With Partners to Support Veterans

Alpine Cares is a Maryland-based nonprofit dedicated to helping disabled veterans transition from life as a soldier to life as a community hero. CoesterVMS recently partnered with Alpine Cares to sponsor a charity golf tournament to raise money and awareness for these American heroes.

One of the most expensive parts of the Alpine Cares mission is providing amphibious wheelchairs to disabled veterans. These chairs not only give these men and women greater mobility, but they also allow them to serve their local communities with the same pride and distinction they served their country with on the battlefield.

CoesterVMS is dedicated to lending a helping hand in communities throughout the United States. Just like the company regularly partners with the finest lending institutions in communities in every state, it also diligently seeks out exceptional charitable partners in different communities.

CoesterVMS understands that we can accomplish more working together than we ever could on our own.

If you are interested in learning more about any CoesterVMS and its vision, visiting the company’s website.

CoesterVMS Donates 220 Backpacks for school opening

For our August Community Service project, The CoesterVMS Team donated 220 New Backpacks to a local organization in Montgomery County, MD that gives school supplies to under privileged kids.

This is Lesson 2 entitled Super Me. It helps them learn that they all have their own "super powers" as a result of different personalities and talents. The games pictured are Superpower Shuffle- sort of a musical chairs tied to superpowers that they choose. The second is SuperHero 4 Square Game. Everyone has some sort of prop making their game more interesting. The discussion following asks the students to identify some of their strengths and talents that help them in life.