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CoesterVMS is an Appraisal Management Company who works with many top mortgage lenders to fulfill your real estate appraisal needs. The appraisal process is often new for many homeowners, and we wanted to provide some pointers to keep in mind before your home is inspected.

1. Improvement List

2. Safety Equipment

3. Home Ready for Access

Feel free to make a list of of any home improvements and upgrades you have done to your home within the last 5 years. This does not include routine maintenance. You may offer this information to the appraiser when they arrive. They may or may not take the information. Some appraisers feel this is helpful, saving them from asking questions.

If you have old Plat Maps or land surveys, you may have them accessible should the appraiser request them.

Be sure to have safety equipment installed and working properly (including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, etc.)

The appraiser will need to access and photograph every room in your home. They will need access to any and all crawl spaces, attics, or outbuildings. If these items are not accessible when the appraiser does the inspection, an additional trip fee will be needed to access at a later time. If your home is on a well or septic, the appraiser may need to ask information about the well and septic.

4. The Value of your home

5. Appraiser Conduct

Everyone has an opinion on the value of the house they call home. However, please do not discuss the value or expected value of your home with the appraiser. The appraiser’s job is to provide an independent evaluation of the property as collateral for a lending decision. Any bias or undue influence could delay the home appraisal process and negatively impact the lending process.

The appraiser is a professional. In the rare occurrence that there is inappropriate conduct or a service related issues, please report them immediately to the AMC (CoesterVMS).

*CoesterVMS.com, Inc. a national appraisal management company, is registered in all applicable jurisdictions in compliance with state and federal laws. All appraisers are also required to comply with federal and state requirements, including the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. As a result, payment for appraisal services is due regardless of the appraised value or the loan approval