In an era of unprecedented regulatory control over the mortgage and valuation industries, CoesterVMS offers lender clients a systematic approach to ensuring compliance to the wide array of state and federal requirements.


CoesterVMS maintains good standing in all states requiring AMC licensure.  Our Compliance Department proactively manages license renewals and proactively initiates the registration process as new states implement licensing requirements.


CoesterVMS contracted industry leading consultants to develop a comprehansive Compliance Management System.  The CMS ensures all processes are regularly tested and task department heads to cure any identified deficiencies. Staff receive weekly training on regulatory updates and changes to internal controls.


CoesterVMS employs experienced appraisers and legal experts in its Compliance Director and In-House Counsel roles.


All CoesterVMS clients are required to place orders and related communications directly through the Cloud Control System or another approved integration.  The Cloud Control System contains several systematic stop gaps to maintain the anonymity of the assigned vendor during the valuation process.

Following initial completion and delivery of the report, requests and inquiries regarding the appraisal are limited to qualified individuals and documented in case of inappropriate behavior.

The Cloud Control System also contains propietary assignment and quality control methodologies to ensure competent appraisers complete quality appraisals at a reasonable rate.